ParameterDescriptionPossible Value
tokensIt's a JSON string array of token objects. Each token object specifies which token will be deposited to which address.[{
"address": "",
"chainId": "", "depositAddress": ""
primaryColorHex code for your brand color#D480FF
widgetTypeEither you want to open the widget as a popup or embed it into your site.embedded,modal, paymentLink
defaultCountryISO Code of the countrySee country & crypto page for possible values
fiatAmountAmount in fiat in local currency of the defaultCountry as a string, for India this would be INRamount in string e.g. "21.21", "1000.50"
userEmailOptional. Email of the user, user might have to authenticate and KYCEmail address e.g. [email protected]
partnerContextOptional. We will pass this data to your server when user completes his order.Any json object for e.g. {"refId": ""}

Tokens is a JSON array string with each item in the array a token you would accept

addresson-chain address of the token, 0x0000000000000000000000000000000000000000 for native tokens like ETH on Ethereum
chainIdchain Id for the token, see possible chains below
depositAddressOptional. user or merchant on-chain address where you want to deposit this token

Possible Chains

ChainIDChain NameEVM ID of Chain
binance-smart-chainBinance Smart Chain56

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