Magik provides a single integration point for fiat to crypto conversion from more than 60+ countries.

You can integrate Magik as a widget inside your application or send your users to magik UI to pay in fiat.

Getting your credentials

If you are not already in contact with anyone from Magik, you can email us at [email protected]. You will receive an API_KEY and API_SECRET to get you started.

The API_KEY parameter is used to identify you and to open the widget.

The API_SECRET parameter is for server to server communication. For example for signing the Webhook, as well for making API requests to our server.

Additional Setup

If you want to receive order updates on your server, you need to update the webhook. See the Webhook section for how to setup the webhook.

If you want to show your logo in the widget, you can send us a square(min 250X250) PNG or SVG file.

You can set your brand color in the widget using widget parameters.